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  • Vectra 3D Love+Protection Free Product Voucher

    Buy Vectra 3D protection for your pet and receive free product from the company delivered to your home.  Receive a voucher for 1 free tube for 3 tubes purchased or 3 free tubes for 6 tubes purchased.  Vouchers are available at our front desk.  You are responsible for redeeming the voucher for free product by scanning QR code with your smart phone, visiting their website, or by mailing in the completed form on the back of the voucher.
  • Revolution Offer

     Receive a 20% discount for this product when you purchase a 6 month supply on the second box purchased.  Ask our receptionist or your veterianian how you may receive this offer.
  • Bravecto Offer

    Buy 2 doses of Bravecto for Dogs and receive a $15 mail in rebate; buy 4 doses and get a $35 mail in rebate.             
  • Rimadyl Offers

    Ask about the Rimadyl $10 rebate coupon and the Rimadyl Rewards Program brochure.  By registering for the Rewards Program you may receive up to $49.00 on the Rimadyl Rewards Card to use towards purchases at our clinic.
  • Dental Month

    February is Dental Month!  Keep your pet's mouth healthy.  We are offering $30 off on your dog or cat dental January 22nd thru March 2nd.  Call and schedule your pet's dental appointment today.  This offer is not to be used in combination with other discounts.